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Our Google Ads process at Florens Kairos Digitals

Discover the power of Google Search Ads – your shortcut to connecting with ready-to-buy prospects.

With people actively searching for what you offer, it’s an incredible opportunity to reach your target audience.

Our skilled Google Ads team is ready to propel you to the top of search results, ensuring your offer stands out in front of qualified leads.

Gain the advantage by securing keywords your competitors haven’t even considered. Let us guide you towards achieving unparalleled success in your online marketing efforts.


Google Ads is a game-changer. It enables businesses to grab attention and secure top positions in search results.

Picture this: you’re searching for something specific, and just like that, ads that match your query appear. That’s the power of Google Ads – helping brands shine and be the first thing potential customers see.

But wait, there’s more.

With Google’s display network and YouTube advertising, you can captivate your audience through eye-catching visuals and compelling videos.

To capture attention on Google, there are two options: Google Ads or SEO.

One involves paying for the top spot, while the other focuses on organic rankings. Organic results from SEO receive 53% of clicks compared to paid results’ 27%.

Plus, ad blockers can hinder Google Ads. To maximize exposure, use both strategies.

Combine Google Ads and SEO to appear in search results and reach more users.

  • Understand your business goals and the products/services you offer, as well as their profit margins.
  • Determine the appropriate campaign types that align with your objectives.
  • Conduct extensive keyword research to optimize your campaigns.
  • Develop a well-structured campaign that reduces costs per click and conversions.
  • Consider creating multiple campaigns if necessary to optimize costs.
  • Craft compelling ad copy variations for headlines, descriptions, and extensions to improve click-through rates.
  • Implement conversion tracking on your website and within Google Analytics.
  • Exclude irrelevant traffic by adding negative keywords. For example, as a wedding photographer, exclude terms like “stock photography” or “family photography” to focus on your target audience. This helps optimize your campaign and drive relevant leads.

With over 93% of internet users using Google as their preferred search engine, Google Ads offers a valuable opportunity to reach potential customers.

As ads account for 27% of search result clicks, they prove effective in reaching customers who are ready to make a purchase.

If your SEO strategy is lacking or your campaign is yet to take off, Google Ads can help you connect with customers with strong purchase intent.