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Instagram Ads

Our Instagram ads process at Florens Kairos Digitals

Instagram holds a special place in our hearts. As a team of digital marketing experts, we’ve been running ads on Instagram since it first became possible.

Now, we’re geared up to elevate your brand to the next level on Instagram. Continue reading to learn how it all comes together.



Instagram, being a highly visual platform, enables you to not only connect with your intended audience but also to highlight your fantastic products/services.

Using Facebook’s ad interface, we can craft custom audiences, retarget visitors to your website, and swiftly optimize campaigns.

The cost of Instagram ads depends on how much you’re willing to invest.

Without specifics about your product margins, it’s challenging to provide an exact cost estimate for Instagram ads.

We generally suggest starting with a monthly budget of $1,000 and increasing it as the return on ad spend meets your target.

Sure thing!

With the Meta Pixel, we can keep tabs on the number of sales, leads, form completions, and more that originate from your Instagram ads.

Just remember, it’s crucial to ensure your Meta Pixel is correctly set up both on your website and in the Meta ads manager.

It varies based on your business or industry.

We usually suggest incorporating a blend of static, carousel, and video creative.

Through A/B testing, we can figure out the most effective creative type for your specific business.